In Solitude

In Solitude

In solitude, I have discovered that I need conversation, and there begins a battle. It is a battle that will determine with whom I will converse. Who or what will I allow to speak to my soul, thoughts, or heart? In solitude, who do I permit to communicate with me?

In solitude, I discover that I have searched for company to fill what seems like loneliness, and the battle continues. A struggle that searches for someone to satisfy an inner longing for relationship, acceptance, and belonging.

In solitude, I have discovered that I long for purpose in my day and life, and the battle rages on. It rages on, driving a longing to be something more or do something more significant. It is a drive for fulfillment and satisfaction. I

In solitude, I have discovered that I can be distracted, and the battle continues to grow. It reaches to my core, demanding my attention and calling me to pursue anything that will remove the feelings of being in the isolation of solitude.

These are a few of my discoveries in moments of solitude. These discoveries can either bring great satisfaction or greater discontentment. In moments of solitude, the battle is between my flesh and my spirit.

In solitude, my flesh desire entertainment, amusement, something that will pass the moments of the day. When the flesh has seized control, opportunities for worshipping God have been forfeited. Hours have been wasted, days have been surrendered, and years have passed with little success in life.

I sit in solitude, writing this, knowing the flesh brings nothing but emptiness and thoughts of wasted moments. At this moment, I realize that the cries of isolation—the longings of my heart for conversation, company, purpose, focus, and satisfaction are godly.

In solitude, God has called me to hear from Him. He is inviting me to be with Him. God desires me to know and experience the joy of enjoying Him. In such solitude as this, He turns my heart, my mind, and my eyes to see His glory. In these, He invites me to delight in Him and find all that can truly satisfy me.

In solitude, I have found that God has closed the door and hidden me from busyness. So that I might worship Him and Him alone. He is jealous; that is His name. He longs for me to know there is nothing greater than Him, and nothing can satisfy like Him.

He is all that thrills my soul

He is more than life to me

In solitude with my God, my Lord, my Savior, I experience His love and all I need. I find Him, see Him, and hear His desire for me.

One thought on “In Solitude

  1. I have read this over and over again. It is definitely a keeper. It reminds me that in solitude, I am never really alone. It is a place where I can pour out my heart to
    My Creator, Worship and sing praises to Him in my head or at the top of my lungs. I’ll admit that I am struggling these days, but I also know that whatever this life brings, there will come a time in which I will be made whole. I so look forward to sitting at my Savior’s feet and praising His name for all eternity.

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