I Saw a Miracle–Iron can swim!

Let me just say that this past few days have been incredible.  Sunday was incredibly wonderful as I was able to serve and worship my Savior, but the few days leading up to then was incredibly tough.  Earlier that week I had promised to call a new visitor to my church so I could answer some questions that he had concerning the church and our beliefs.  As I went to make the make the call I quickly discovered that I had lost the visitor information card.  I instantly became sick!  I had my wife and kids search our house, I searched the church offices but to no avail.  I just knew that they would never be back to church because I failed to call as I said I would.

Sunday as we were worshiping I was attacked by a devil in the since that I could hear him accusing me of being the reason this family would not come back.  As I stood singing praises I was at the same time being made aware of how horrible of a pastor I am.  I wanted to experience Christ and His presence, so left the stage and went to the altar to pray.  As I was praying one of my deacons, a sweet man of God, (by the way all my deacons are great) came and began praying for me and I could feel God touching and encouraging me.  Before the message I shared the situation with the people and asked that they would pray that I would find these people.

This morning (8-13-2013) I was in my Tuesday morning prayer time with a young man, as we prayed for help in finding the visitors God brought a section of Scripture to my mind. (2 Kings 6:1-7).  In this passage Elisha, the prophet, is going with some men who are chopping trees in order to make beams.  One of the men was upset greatly because the axe head that he was using fell into the river and was lost.  What made it worse was the fact that the axe head was borrowed.  He cried out to the prophet of God asking for help.  Elisha through the power of God cause the axe head to float to the top of the water so the man could reach in and find what was lost.  As I thought of this I prayed, “God if you can cause and axe head to float you can also help me find these people.”

A couple of hours later I decided to look not for the visitor card but for their house.  I had vaguely remember seeing on the card that they lived on 89th and I had also remembered some other landmarks that they had mentioned so off I went to find them.  I knocked on every door on the south side of the road.  As people answered their door’s I explained the situation and who it was I was looking for.  Some offered help with genuine concern and others just did not have any clue.  As I turned around to hit the north side of the road I pulled into a drive and thinking this could be the house and all praise be to God the man I was looking for opened the door.  We spent the next couple of hours chatting about God’s word and the church.  As I left I praised God and said, “Axe heads still do float!”

This miracle reaffirms that God still cares and is able to do the seemingly impossible.  If you are struggling let me give you just one thought–God cares about the things in your life, trust Him and His word and you will see miracles in your life.

But without faith it is impossible to please God, for he that comes to God must believe that He is and that He rewards those that diligently seek Him. Hebrews 11:6

3 thoughts on “I Saw a Miracle–Iron can swim!

  1. Wonderful message Pastor Jason!…………..I too have asked God to help me find some things and I don’t ever remember a time that He didn’t answer those prayers. No matter what it was……jewelry, phone numbers, notes I had written but couldn’t remember on what and keys. One time while at camp my husband apparently lost a set of keys (fell from his pocket) and it was in the fall. Tons of leaves had fallen all over the ground before he realized that the keys must have fallen out of his pocket somewhere. There was lots of lawn in front and behind the camp and he had been over most of the area over the course of the time we had been there. He said that he probably would never find them again until maybe spring, if even then. I started praying and my son and I went out with rakes and started raking. I kept praying that God would lead one of us to the area where the keys were. My husband thought I was nuts for going to all that work figuring the keys were gone for good………after about an hour or so, I was raking an area and low and behold, I found the keys!!! I was so excited (as was my son) and we ran in and showed my husband the keys. Those keys and all the other items I have asked Him for assistance in finding over the years were not as important as your prayers and the souls of those people you were searching for. He was faithful to you and answered your prayer and he was also faithful to me and answered mine. Mine were much less important than yours, but it does prove to me that no matter what it is, if it’s important to you and you have faith that the Lord not only hears, but answers prayer and cares about things that are important to us, no matter how trivial, He will always come through and lead you to what you are looking for………Praise the Lord for your faithfulness and your love for your flock! Your Mom has told me what a blessing you are to the church as well as to her and I can see from your blog and other things you post, that she is so very right. God bless you and may God continue to work in you and through you to lead many to Jesus. God bless! Debbie Loiacono

  2. It is so incredible always to see God’s actions at work. Pastor the more I am around you the more I know you are a true brother in Christ. I love the miracles that He preforms and it is in all different way. Thank you Jesus for revealing your never ending love and power for all of us to see. Continue using this precious man of God.

  3. The Bible says we must die to ourselves. I would like to use this as an example, I have never learned to swim. If knocked over into to the water I would surely drown. Once dead I would float on the surface of the water and at least could be found. This is why we must die to self to be found. God’s buoyancy keeps us afloat.!

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