A Word Spoken…3 Things to Consider

Communication is often overlooked or forgotten because one part of the relationship is too focused on their own path. When communication is neglected relationships struggle.


Revival vs Revival

Any fire that is contained will eventually burn out. A serious question must be asked. Who is going to add fuel to the fire?

Teach Me to Fly

He spoke and the breath of His voice felt like winds to lift my soul. His words revealed a path to flight. He spoke and my weakness seemed to vanish. It was as though I knew I could fly. I could not because of me, but because of His grace. He would lift me up.

Your Story

What is the story that God is writing through your life? Nothing is pointless.  He uses all of your life to tell the story of His love and redemption. The one question you must answer is "Who will you share your story with today"  He wrote your life to help others not merely to pass … Continue reading Your Story