5 Reasons Why I Can’t Wait for Sunday

It’s Saturday Night, I am sitting in my orange chair. My wife is in the kitchen with my daughter making strawberry pies for our church’s Memorial Day fellowship. As I am sitting here my heart begins to long to hear the praises of God being offered up by the church. My mind begins to think of the message I will preach and how I love to share the Word of God. I see the members of my church sitting in their familiar seats. This sight brings about a pause as I am stirred to pray for them. I long for God to work mightily in their hearts. I pray that each one is willing to fully surrender to Him.

As I continue thinking, I begin to wonder who will show up tomorrow? This thought causes me to to think of why I love Sundays so much. Early in the day while doing some shopping, I saw a sign in a store that said, “Sunday, It’s a state of mind.” The advertisement was saying that Sundays are good for laying around and doing nothing, but it got me thinking of why I can’t wait for Sunday. The following are reasons why I can’t wait for Sunday.

  1. Sundays are a constant reminder of what Christ has done for me. Sundays are about celebrating the unbelievable good news of Christ. He is alive and lives that I may have life. Each Sunday reminds me of His working in my life. I see what He has done for me through His resurrection; I pause to see what that means for my life and I cannot wait for Sunday!
  2. Sundays are about getting together with other believers to praise and worship my God and Savior. I must say how important this is to me. It is my encouragement from a tough week. It is a time of hearing the voices of the Church raised in song. It is a time of hearing about miracles of salvation, healing, and provision. It is the day that we (the Body) can turn off the constant bombardment of worldliness for the encouragement of worshiping Him. I cannot wait for Sunday!
  3. Sundays give me an opportunity to use my gifts of preaching and teaching. I am not ashamed to say that I love to preach and teach. It is what I am called and gifted to do. On Sundays I get to. I will never claim to be the best, but that hardly matters. I get to share the Word and hopefully help others to mature in Christ. Tomorrow, I will get to preach, I cannot wait for Sunday!
  4. Sundays provide an opportunity to see my brothers and sisters in Christ. I love God’s people! My week can be heavy; it can be busy, but when I am with my brothers and sisters, all of that fades. In them, I see the grace of God working. I see the uniqueness of the individual melting into the unity of the body. I cannot wait for Sunday!
  5. Sundays start my weeks with rest and focus. Sunday is about Him! My week is to be about Him. Sunday is the start of it all. A day of rest, a day of focus. It prepares me, motivates me, and directs me. After all the work and distractions Sundays offer rest and focus. I cannot wait for Sunday!

What does Sunday mean to you? I hope it means as much to you as it does to me.


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