Is This The Path?

"...don't fear the chariot's wheels; God will cause them to fall off. Don't fear the horse's might; God used them to draw the enemy in. Don't wish the walls of water away; God would use those walls to swallow up the enemy. Trust God and the path He has prepared for you."

In Solitude

In solitude, God has called me to hear from Him. He is inviting me to be with Him. God desires me to know and experience the joy of enjoying Him. In such solitude as this, He turns my heart, my mind, and my eyes to see His glory. In these, He invites me to delight in Him and find all that can truly satisfy me.

Teach Me to Fly

He spoke and the breath of His voice felt like winds to lift my soul. His words revealed a path to flight. He spoke and my weakness seemed to vanish. It was as though I knew I could fly. I could not because of me, but because of His grace. He would lift me up.