Dealing with Distractions

We all set goals and have to-do lists. Some of the times we achieve our goals and accomplish our to-do list but many times those things go unfinished. Why?  Distractions. I will be honest I am the worst at being distracted and no I do not have A.D.D.  Distractions are things that we allow to … Continue reading Dealing with Distractions

Do Not Lose Sight of the Best thing for Good Things

In my years of being a pastor I have seen many different types of people.  It seems for every person I have met there is a  different view on life.  One of the things that interest me most is the view people hold on what matters most in life.  I am interested in this because … Continue reading Do Not Lose Sight of the Best thing for Good Things

Different From

I can remember my English teacher in high school attempting to teach us proper grammar.  He was particularly attentive to the proper use of prepositions.  He would always want us to ask him for candy and such but you had to ask properly just exactly where the candy could be found.  I would ask, "Mr. … Continue reading Different From