These Two Don’t Match, Why I Was Disappointed at the Desoto Seafood Festival

mature audWhat a gorgeous Saturday it was for my family to get out of our house and enjoy the evening together.  We decided to head down to Sutton Park in Palmetto for the Desoto Seafood Festival, the entry price was reasonable at only $3 per person, and the funds went to support, in part, The Early Childhood Learning Coalition.

Seafood fest

We pay the ticket price and walk in and immediately we are uneasy about being there as a family.

The sign you see in the picture above is the first thing that greets our family.  As parents we were immediately uneasy with the environment.  Everything from an onlookers viewpoint said that this event was family friendly.  The bounce houses invited young children, the food excited the teens, and the setting appealed to all, yet the warning of explicit content ultimately would cause us to ask for our money back and leave.

In my opinion, the explicit content and the concept of this event being something for the whole family just did not match.  The funds where going to a worthy cause but this clearly was not an event for the family.  Let me add that there were many families there.

A few months ago I sat in a meeting where many other pastors and community officials talked how we could better our community.  We all came to an agreement that if we were to impact the community we would have to return to solids foundations and family values.  This seemed like something that could be achieved through partnerships with city leaders, police officials, and churches, yet today I must admit that I am somewhat discouraged that an event that was labeled for the community also came with a warning of explicit content.

It was said that all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.  Tonight, I could not be that good man who did nothing.  I do not wish to point blame but I must say this should have never been allowed.  If this was an event for “mature audiences” only children under 18 should not have been allowed to enter; for that matter it should not have been held in a family friendly park.

I know ultimately people will say monies were raised for a good cause but I say at what cost.  At what point do we say that we do not want our families exposed to this type of content.

I am sure people will disagree but I just cannot see how an event used to raise money for children should come with a warning because of the content of the artist performing.  There are more enough family friendly artist that could have performed.

I simply say I was disappointed that my family did not get to enjoy what I am sure was delicious seafood.


3 thoughts on “These Two Don’t Match, Why I Was Disappointed at the Desoto Seafood Festival

  1. Well, think you need to explain, what was so bad or going on. I haven’t attended so I don’t know.. All that is shown is a sign, Mauture audiance only. so what was there?

    • Robert, To be honest I have no clue if any thing bad was going on or not. The disappointment was a result of me not being able to have my family there. As a father, I did not want to expose my young children to the possibility of them seeing or hearing explicit content. Innocence in a child’s life only last for so long.
      The signs where not posted outside the event to see before the family paid and entered but inside the gate. In my opinion, the idea of community/family event did not match with the choice to have an artist there that might use explicit content.

  2. Good example of trying to blurr good and evil. When is it ever good to combine good with evil? Satan is so clever, pray the God gives you the ability to see the difference. Your evaluation of this is correct. Well said.

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