God the Ultimate Multitask-er



Rewind to June, 2013.  I had just walked out of my office when I noticed Cameron and Liz sitting on the bench outside of the church building.  It was strange seeing them there at four o’clock on a Wednesday afternoon.  I saw quickly that they were hot and dirty, so I asked them if they needed any help.  Their response shocked me.  They informed me that they where here for the church serviced. I quickly asked if they knew that the Bible study did not start until 7pm.They were aware but they said that is was the only time they could ride. I invited them into the building to wait and to cool off until the service started.

As I started teaching through the series we were studying, Liz did something that I had never seen happen before.  In the middle of the study she raised her hand and asked me what was salvation all about.  I stopped the lesson I was teaching and walked back to the row where she was sitting and began a 30 minute one-on-one (the entire church was present but it was as though it was just her and I talking) lesson with her about salvation.

After the service we fed them some KFC.  As they were eating their first meal in a few days, I listened to them tell me of their situation and they listened as I talked more of Christ.  As the meal was finished Liz asked if she could ask Christ to save her and that night she invited Him into her life.

Over the next few days we searched for a place where they could stay but we really could not find any places for them.  I drove to every weekly rental place within the area trying to find a place we could afford until they could find work.  I stopped into one particular place that was extremely affordable but they did not have any openings.  I left my business card and asked if she would call me if anything opened up.

Fast-forward to March 31, 2014–I am now sitting in the house of a husband and wife who has been visiting our church.  My wife and I are praying for them and talking with them about all that God has planned for them and how Satan desperately wants to destroy their lives.  As we talked, we all became so overwhelmed with how God works.

You see, the lady that I was now praying for was the lady that managed the apartments that I had gone to nearly 9 months ago.  We were amazed how God allowed Cameron and Liz to enter our lives for perhaps this one moment of prayer. We never know how or when God is working; we never know how He is working through one situation to impact several others.  God is the ultimate multitask-er.

I now sit in my office thinking of all the things I have going on, the things I want to get accomplished , the dreams I have set, and the task set before me.  There is a part of me that wants to be scared, that is scared.  Then there is the Spirit that I know lives within me that reminds me of the One who started all these things in my if faithful to perform them.  My God is the one who can handle all that I have going; I must simply stay focused and follow Him.

God is able to do more than we think and more than one moment. He is also able to more than one thing during a moment in our life. Let God work through every situation and patiently watch as you seem Him working all thing together for your good.

One thought on “God the Ultimate Multitask-er

  1. Yes,isn’t is amazing that if we only let Jesus into our hearts we can have the ultimate multitask-er in our life. Once done we must let Him take control as to what is most important. Most times we put too much important on the small things. Jesus knows what we truly need. Jesus let me have the sense to know and value what is most important and the ability to discount all the small stuff.

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