Success At Last


One month removed from a meeting with a group of people and I already know who is really interested in helping others and those who are only interested in helping themselves.  It is really not that hard to determine because actions reveal the heart.

“Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.” Proverbs 4:23

I am guilty! Guilty as charged. I can look back over past years of my ministry and see so many times that my actions have revealed that I am interested in my own ambitions and for this I am sorry.

I have learned much over the past few months about truly being interested in others and their causes. The following is what I have learned and experienced:

  1. Only God opens doors. I can try and try to get my agenda flowing but only God can open doors.  Over the past year I have truly come to understand this concept.  God opens doors for those who have followed Him to the door.  I have learned that being in the right place at the right time is truly about following God’s leading.  I have for some years dreamed of writing and sharing the messages that God has given to me on a much larger scale, however there never seemed to be any doors opening for this to happen.  Until last year when I went to visit Jill, a former member of my youth ministry, and her daughter who just had surgery on her hip. Oh and by the way I had not seen Jill in about ten years. God was leading me to visit that hospital which was about an hour away so He could open a door.
    While visiting I met Bethany, Jill’s sister, who through her encouragement and much support revealed a door of opportunity that I never knew existed.  A door that God was opening for me to begin sharing through written word what He had placed in my heart.  This is what I learned–Only God can open doors so I must following His leading closely.
  2. There is no true success on my own.This may cause some debate but I am ready for the debate.  I do not believe that any one person ever succeeds on their own.  At some point there was a teacher, a coach, a parent or maybe even a friend that came along and gave support that helped them out.  Some one may argue the point but here is what I know–my success will not be alone.  I say this because the vision that God has given me is much greater than I am.  God is placing people in my life to help me along the way.  If it has to be alone I am not sure I want to experience it.  As a matter of fact, the very first thing that God revealed that was not good was man being alone.  Success for it to be true and lasting must include others. In my life this starts with my wife and family.  I dream of many great things and I know they will not come to fruition without my wife’s help and families support.  There are others that I am seeing God place in my life for my success.
    I cannot do it alone. I believe this therefore I must seek relationships with other people.  The relationships I seek must not be for my own success but rather I must look for relationships with others in which I get to help them succeed.  I have learned that as I seek their success, my success that the Lord desires will come to me. There is no true success alone for success come when I am concerned with the success of others.
  3. The important things in life involve others.Other people matter more than most people think! Over these past few months one thing that has amazed me is how many people just want to be included, the want to be known, loved and supported.  As a result of this I have come to this conclusion the important things in life involve others. Take for example your wedding or the day of your child was born–how many people were involved?  Things that really matter involve others.  So with this thought in my mind I have come to a place where I have such a longing to be with people, to hear from them, to learn from them, and to be involved in their success.  To do this without any thoughts of something in return. The only thing I want is to be there for others.  Others who have a greater platform than I have.  Others who do not have the platform that I have.  I just know the important things in life involve others.  Let me say thank you for all those who have involved me in their life.

Tomorrow I will finish with 4 more things I have learned, but for today let me ask you whose life will you seek to help be a success.


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