10 keys to receiving pt 2


“Some are professors and others are possessors.” Lawrence Kennedy

It is time for us, as followers of Christ, to know that God desires to give you the Kingdom, it is actually a pleasure to Him.  Since this is His desire we should make sure all is in order in our lives so that we may receive this kingdom.  This post is the continuation from yesterday.  If you did not read part 1 it would be beneficial if you started there.  Please note that these “keys” are not a set order but all need to be used in our lives if we wish to receive.

Key #6  Give

“Sell that you have, and give alms…” Luke 12:33

We know that it is better to give than to receive.  What if the key to us actually receiving anything of lasting value lies within the concept of giving?  I believe in order for us to fully receive the kingdom we ought to give.  It is not just that we give for it is easy to give to those that have the means to give back; we are to give alms.  Giving alms is giving that is directed to those who are in need.  Those who by nature have no means of ever repaying or giving back. The only thing those that we are to give unto can do is receive.

This type of giving takes faith!  Faith believing that God will provide in all scenarios.  This type of faith, the faith that gives, is the faith that allows you to receive the kingdom.  As a reminder the “kingdom” is all that God possesses and uses for His glory.  Give with the right heart, for a heart that is right gives with no intentions of getting back.  Although we know the reward for giving is placing ourselves into the position to receive the kingdom.

Key #7  Pursue

“…provide for yourselves bags which was not old, a treasure in the heavens that fails not…”  Luke 12:33

Our pursuit must be first and foremost God, for He is all that matters.  As we pursue Him, He teaches us to pursue or go after things that will last for eternity.  This is about recognizing and knowing that somethings matter and others do not.  This key to receiving the kingdom is all about understand that everything that we pursue must be something for eternity.  Most of what we pursue has eternity wrapped up in it but if we are not intentional about the eternal aspects we will only focus on the momentary.

God’s pleasure is to give but our pleasure should be to pursue all things that pertain to Him.

Key #8 Wait

“And ye yourselves like unto me that wait for their lord…” Luke 12:36

Those that wait are those that receive. Waiting on something is not easy, yet it is a part of the joy of receiving.  If we are like those faithful servants who are waiting for the return of their master we will receive. Waiting is all about trusting.  For the Christ-follower it is about trusting His Word enough to be faithful to do His Word.  Waiting is trusting.  As you wait upon the Lord you will receive renewed strength (a kingdom thing); you will receive ability to do things greater than physical limitations (a kingdom thing).  Waiting brings the kingdom into you hands.

Wait for His return knowing that waiting is not about standing still.  It is about moving in the power of the promises of God.  It is about conquering and winning the battles that we face every day.  Waiting is receiving.

Key #9  Watch

“Blessed are those servants, whom the Lord when He comes shall find watching…” Luke 12:37

Watching is not much different from waiting upon the Lord, however watching draws a greater emphasis upon why we are waiting.

We are to watch for the return of the Lord. Watching for His return is to keep us focused and to help us to keep doing the ministry that we have been given.

We are to watch knowing the hour.  The return of Christ is near and while this is a great moment of triumph for the believers there are many today who do not know the Lord as Savior.  Our watching is our motivation to share the Good News of Christ.  When we share we receive.

We are to watch knowing the situation.  Satan is like a roaring lion seeking whom he may destroy, so we must be careful.  Know that in every step we take there is the possibility for temptation to come and side track us.  We must watch carefully knowing the situation of the moment.  When we watch knowing the situation that is when we can receive victory of temptation.  Victory, which is another kingdom thing.

Key #10  Do

“Blessed is that servant, whom his Lord when He comes shall find so doing.” Luke 12:43

Simply stated we will receive kingdom stuff when we are found doing what we have been called to do.  So as followers of Christ let us do! The kingdom is at hand will we use these ten keys to receive?

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