Dealing with Distractions

We all set goals and have to-do lists. Some of the times we achieve our goals and accomplish our to-do list but many times those things go unfinished. Why?  Distractions. I will be honest I am the worst at being distracted and no I do not have A.D.D.  Distractions are things that we allow to steal our attention.  They can be innocent or they can be full of all types of wrong.  Either one, however, becomes wrong when we allow them to keep us from what we know we are to do.

My mom used to quote a verse to me almost every day from the book of James. “Therefore, to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not to him it is a sin.” James 4:17  This was her reminder that I need to do what I know I am supposed to do.  I could allow myself to be distracted easily.  Chores had to be done, my bike was calling my name.  My room needed to be cleaned but a tree needed to be climbed.  In reality the bike was not calling my name nor did that tree need to be climbed but I allowed them to be a distraction in my life.  These habits are not easy to break, they like to join you in every stage of life.  The distractions that I struggle with to this very day are the same that I struggled with as a child.  I do not climb trees any more and I no longer have a bike but the type of struggles are the same.  They are struggles with desires.

Distractions deal directly with desires.

The other day I experienced this…I was counseling with a young man when all the sudden distraction came all over him.  For the first 10 minutes of our 20 minute meeting he was right there with me but then his friends started showing up to church.  You could see it in his eyes and movements that he would rather be with them.  I called him on it.  He tried to blame it on not being able to focus.  I quickly told him that was a lie.  We are able to focus if we want to and there is it again distractions deal with desires.

Your to-do list is growing and you want to get it finished, you are going to have to deal with your desires.  We focus far too much on the distractions and we end up being right in the middle of our distractions.  Dealing with your desires is the only way to end the distractions.  What we desire we will ultimately end up doing.  If we think about it long enough we will make it happen.  Dealing with your desires is the only way to handle your distractions.

Desires are powerful–Handle with care.

Do not think that your mere desire to not be distracted is enough to conquer your desires.  Your desires are powerful! They draw their strength from your own flesh.  So battling your desires is tantamount to battling yourself.  How do you battle yourself and win?  The Apostle Paul came to the conclusion that they only way he could get the victory was by God giving it to him through Christ Jesus.  Only through great care can our desires be handled.  We are told to cast all our cares (desires) upon Him for He cares for us (1 Peter 5:7).  As we cast our cares He takes great care of them.  As He deals with them we can find victory over them.

His dealing with our distraction–Create a new desire.

The way in which God has given us freedom from our desires is by creating a new desire within us.  The one desire we are to have in our being is to please Him.  Everything that we are to do and be is to be for the His glory.  Our desire when we are controlled by the Holy Spirit will be Him.  The distractions may still come but we will not give in because our desire is Him and not our flesh.

If you are struggling with distractions do not lose faith.  Even though the victory through Christ is immediate we have to learn to live in that victory.  Here are some thing for you to think about–

  1. Surrender your desires daily.  Daily surrender is the only way you can become a person of victory over your desires.  Each day there has to be a moment of realization, a moment where you realize that you cannot accomplish your calling if you are left in charge.  You need victory so you surrender all control of your day to Him.
  2. Develop a greater love for Him.  Developing your love for Christ is a daily exercise.  You are able to love because He first loved you.  Each day take time to live in His love for you.  Realize just how much He loved you and realize what His love afforded for you.  As you do this your love for Him will grow.  (Read Luke 8:1-3 and see the desires of the ladies who lives were touched by Christ)
  3. Trust Him to satisfy your longings.  To remain in victory over your desires and distraction you will have to allow Him to satisfy you.  This is not easy because our flesh is strong but the more you learn to just trust Him the more satisfaction you will receive from Him.  He knows us because He created us.  It is through His knowledge of us that He know how to satisfy us completely. Remember His words to the woman at the well?  He told her that if she would have asked to have a drink from Him she would have never thirsted again.

Allow Him to deal with your distractions and you can experience extreme focus.


3 thoughts on “Dealing with Distractions

  1. Most believers focus on desire that leeds to distraction. Desire can be a good thing if our desires are for Christ. The way to tell the difference is to ask Jesus in prayer. Please Jesus let me know Your desires and focus on them,not what distracts me.

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