When IT Happens I Want To Be There

It is not the Indianapolis Colts winning another Super Bowl, nor is the discovery of something the world has never known that I want to experience first hand.  I want to experience first hand the mighty hand of God moving and working in the lives of His people.  I have been there and I want to be there again.  I have seen when His Spirit is poured out and souls are touched, people are healed and lives are saved, it is more wonderful than words can express.

So that brings a question to my mind, “What does it take for that to happen?”  In the Scriptures when a mighty move of God took place you find the man, the woman, or the people of God in great need and being in great need you find them calling to God through great prayer.  Why are we not seeing these mighty moves of God?  Quite simply put we are not desperate.  We are too content with the appearances of prosperity to know that we are in spiritual poverty.  We are content with the entertainment that numbs our mind and senses to know that we are in a bad state.  Once we realize our real condition, the state in which we are living in we will get the place of desperation. I want to be there!

I want to be in that place and be ready.  I want to be there ready and available to be used by the Spirit.  To be an instrument that God, Himself, can use to work mightily in the lives of others.  When IT happens I want to be there.  I want to experience what others that have served God faithful have experienced.  But I also know that this will never be an experience of mine or any other if I/we are not driven by desperation to the throne of God.

At the throne of God we can find mercy, which forgives.  We can find grace, which saves.  We can find power, which can break strongholds.  I want to be there at the throne of God.  When mercy is released I want to be there.  When grace is given I want to be there.  When power unleashed I want to be there.  When IT happens I want to be there.  As I sit and desire this to happen God speaks to me saying, “What are you waiting for? I gave my Son to give mercy, grace, and power.  They are all available for you.” He continued saying to me, “Approach my throne boldly I will give you grace.”  Then with the gentle voice of a loving father He said, “As you leave My throne with the grace you need allow my grace to change you and leave your sins behind.”

I am wanting to experience a mighty move of God in the lives of others but as He revealed to me that move will not happen until I make personal move.  When God’s power moves throughout my church and my city I want to be there.  I know I will be there if I am willing to heed the voice of God.  You can be there too.

To be there–

  1. See all that His Son has already accomplished.  Much of what we desire to have, He has already accomplished.  We pray for things that He has already done.  God is telling us take it, use it but we are still praying for it.  Discover all that Christ did for you at the cross and through His death and resurrection.  You will be blown away at what is available for you.
  2. Receive what has already been given to you.  Take what has been given to you.  Stop looking for it and receive it.  He did not give it for it not to be used.
  3. Become desperate to experience Him.  Desperation drives!  When we become desperate we will seek and call Him.  Our desperation cannot be about the blessing it must be about Him. Where we are desperate just to experience His presence in every step we take.
  4. Surrender what your flesh is holding on to.  This is usually the sin or desires that no one really knows about.  It is the default in your life, the thing that you go to when you are bored, distracted, or needing.  It is often the very thing that keep you from being available when IT is about to happen.  Surrender that thing.
  5. Live your life as the life of Christ.  Paul stated that for him to live was Christ. This ought also to be our desire and pursuit in life.  Everything that we do, we do as Christ.  My actions are the acts that He did and would do.  Living as Christ reveals Christ and Christ revealed is the ultimate way to see Him work.

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