Enjoying God Encounters

This morning I got woke up by that “still small voice”.  God whispered in my ear a bit of vision and large portion of conviction.  I thought it interesting that He revealed a vision to me and then the vision brought conviction to my soul.  During this encounter I did not feel guilt but rather I felt love, mercy, and grace.  I was feeling the overwhelming presence of God in my life.  I woke up motivated by this encounter to be the man who God has created me to be.  I love an enjoy God encounters.

It is a shame that these encounters are more occasional than being the norm of everyday.  As I contemplate this, I realize that God has desires continually for us to encounter Him but we miss out on them.   It is not His fault but rather our that cause us to miss out on these encounters.  I think that we are so busy, so distracted that when these times to us that we simply do not see what is really happening.  (I know this to be true in my life and for this reason I think it is why God speaks to me in my sleep.)

God is wanting to encounter you in every step you take, in every place you go, and in every person you encounter.  When we realize this and take the time to embrace these encounters we get an experience that is life changing.  This is the very reason why God encounters us–to change us.  To take us from being busy, distracted and self-focused individuals to a person that revealing Christ.  God encounters are the most liberating, inspiring, and encouraging moments of life.  When you seek to encounter God in all things life changes for you.

When you encounter God you want more of Him.  Life becomes one opportunity after the next to see what God has in store for you.  The more you recognize and enjoy these times, the more they will happen.  Life then becomes about Him and rightfully so because He is life.  Your life becomes one of purpose and focus.  Your life has no time for trivial pursuits because you are looking for a God encounter in every moment.

God encounters can happen in your sleep, in your work, and even in your play.  As you are focused on seeing Him, He directs you to the places He will be.  Enjoying these encounters actually creates _____________ in our lives which we so desperately long.  Let me explain.

When I enjoy God encounters–

  1. I have focus.  Having focus will allow you to see clearly.  It will allow you to see what is right and what is wrong.  It will allow you to set proper priorities.  When these are set properly so many of the things that we struggle with are removed or avoided.  Lacking focus cause many to stumble and fall, however, being focused will bring great success.  Success that God has intended for you to experience. Success that is found in those God encounters.
  2. I have direction.  Being lost is no fun! Yet so many people wonder around through life without direction.  When you learn to enjoy God encounters you find life’s direction.  I fully believe life’s direction is to make much about God.  Taking every moment to live it as a testimony of His greatness and goodness toward us.  Taking each breath as an opportunity to breathe in His presence and to exhale His will.  Enjoying these moments you know where to go and how to get there.  Enjoying these moments is what makes life a wonderful journey.
  3. I have time.  To many people say, “There is never enough time!”  However, to the one who is enjoying God encounters time is seen through the lens of eternity.  Seeing through the lens of eternity allows for the greatest time management practices ever.  Priorities are properly prioritized, to-do lists are finished, and all those things that you have been wanting to do you either have time to do them or you discard them.  Enjoying these moments gives time your everyday schedule.
  4. I have success.  The whole point of each day is to be able to lay your head down on your pillow each night knowing that you accomplished your goals for the day.  When your goal is to encounter God in all and through all you will.  He is not far away but rather He is close to you.  Success is not seen in money earned, or notoriety given but rather it is seen in one doing the will of God for their life.  Enjoying God encounters causes you to seek more Him and cause you to do His will for your life and though that you have success.

4 thoughts on “Enjoying God Encounters

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  2. Let not the believer be weened from God as we were weened from our mother’s breast. Let us continue to enjoy the milk of His word all the days of our life! All we have to do is come to Jesus in prayer.

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