Teach Me to Fly

Teach Me to Fly

Lately, I have been learning what it truly is to live in the grace of God. I have learned that grace is empowerment to the live the life that God has called me to live.  Whether it is being merciful, loving, serving, forgiving, perfect, or holy all these are accomplished by the grace of God. In and of myself, I am too weak to accomplish these, but that is ok. It is in my weakness that His strength is made perfect in me. It is in my weakness that His grace becomes the strength I need to live. As I have made this study of grace extremely personal, I have discovered that His grace is what I will choose to live under.

Through my own failures and sins I have kept myself from reaching the heights of where God has called me. I chose in my own power to run this race. The result of running in my own power—failures and sins. In my own power I get weak and tired; in my own power I fail to soar to the heights that God has prepared for me. I come up short of being merciful as He is merciful. I come short of loving as He loved me. I seem to always miss out on living a life that truly honors Him. This is life outside of the grace of God.

So I asked Him in my prayers to teach me to fly. I want to soar. Walking and running in my own strength is not enough. I want more grace. The grace that can only be given by God. The grace that takes me beyond my weaknesses into His all-powerful strength. So I ask Him in my prayers to teach me to fly. To allow me to mount up with “wings of eagles,” to live fully trusting in Him, rather than trusting in my own abilities.

His response, “Live in my grace. Choose my presence. Be the new creation, which I created. Realize My grace is sufficient.”

He spoke and the breath of His voice felt like winds to lift my soul. His words revealed a path to flight. He spoke and my weakness seemed to vanish. It was as though I knew I could fly. I could not because of me, but because of His grace. He would lift me up.

I asked Him, “Teach me to fly.” He said to me, “Spread your wings.”

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