A response to the Night Club Massacres

In response to the tragedy that took place in Orlando—

The senseless shootings that took place could not be avoided, because those who desire to do evil will not rest until the evil that is in their hearts is acted upon. No amount of prevention could have prevented it. Those who desire to do evil will do so. Their determination to bring terror and evil upon others drives them beyond the preventions of the law and beyond any form of morality. They exercise the desires of their heart, regardless of the impact upon others. Those that seek to bring terror are void of a conscience that would allow them to consider the true value of a soul. They do not see individuals as souls; therefore these acts of terror and senseless killings are just in their sight.

As we, Christians, stand appalled at these actions, we must ask ourselves what is our response? Are we to respond with anger and disgust? Perhaps. Are we to mourn for the families who lost loved ones? Absolutely! There has to be more! In a few weeks when our lives continue on we may remember the acts of terror, but if history tells us anything, we will forget about the people who lost their lives. Christian, this ought not to be. We ought to see the presence of evil and the practice of terror and be moved into our callings as followers of Christ.

Unfortunately, many will not be moved into calling. We will continue playing the church game all the while believing we are doing right. The evil that is running rampant can only be defeated if we stop playing games and get serious about sharing the Gospel of Christ. I wonder how many of these lives could have been spared if we, as believers, were as passionate about sharing the Gospel as the terrorist are at spreading terror?

Terrorist acts could strike anywhere at any time. The very thought of this scares many people, but is that fear from God? Have we been given a spirit of fear? Or have we been given a spirit of love, power, and a sound mind? If the first is true, there is no hope. If the second is true, we then have the ability to be proactive. We may never be able to keep these acts from occurring, but we can prepare those who may be impacted by them.

First, we should see every person as a soul who needs Christ to save them. Having the ability to see people as souls changes our interaction with them. No longer are they inconveniences to our time. No longer are they horrible people. They are souls who need loved with the very love of Christ. We do not condemn them, rather we proclaim Christ to them. We love on them. We seek to meet them where they are with the gospel. If they receive the saving grace we can know they are prepared for eternity. We may never be able to stop the terrorist, but we can bring salvation to those whose lives might be taken.

Secondly, we should seek to actively love and minister to those in our community who have been impacted by the actions of terrorists. It is hitting closer to home every day. Those who are affected need support and love. They need someone to come along side them and help with grief. They will need someone who will be there for the moments in life where all seems to crashing down. Because we, as believers, have experienced the love of Christ and the comfort of the Sprit we can be that one who loves.

Our response to these senseless acts—we should be the Church! Not the church that hides behind the four walls of building, but the Church that is the Body of Christ. We should be the church who is actively battling for the souls men, women, boys, and girls. Remember our fight is not against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness.


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