What I thought was my best attribute has become my weakest?

When I was in school one of my greatest abilities was being able to get good grades without much effort put into it.  I made sure I was paying attention in class but I never really studied much.  All throughout school I pretty much made all A’s there were the occasional B’s but overall I did well.  This worked out to my advantage since I played many sports and that occupied a great deal of my time.  Through this I learned how to get things done with minimal work.  Having developed this as a part of my work ethic I also learned how to “fly by the seat of my pants”.  This was awesome, I was able to get things done with out much preparation at all.  I was able to do good job and it did not require much organization.  I had it all figured out.

Fast forward twenty some years and I have discovered that my ability to “fly by the seat of  my pants” has kept me from being able to soar.  This mentality that I had developed has been keeping me from being the organized person that I need to be.  Oh please do not misunderstand I still have the ability to get the job done under pressure and at the last moment.  What I am finding out is the job that I am doing is only as good as I can do it.  So rather than soaring I am merely flying.  Rather than doing something that is great I am doing something that is good.  It may look great to others but I am the one who knows what could have been accomplished.  What I thought was my best attribute has really became my weakest point.

In life I think there are many just like me.  The story may be a little different but overall we act just alike.  We fall into the trap of our own strengths.  We know what we are good at doing and we solely rely on those abilities.  This reliance keeps us from greater things because we think things are going good enough.  The truth–we are in our own way of success.  It is good to have strengths but our weakness must be addressed or our strengths will become our greatest weakness.  Paying attention or addressing your weakness is not about forgetting your strengths.  Paying attention to the weak points in your life allows you to build them up.  It is this building process that brings about lasting success in your life.

Each one of us has a need to build up the weak part of our lives.  This is accomplished as we–

  1. Take time to see the areas of weakness.  This mean that you have to take a hard look at your self to see where you are weak.  If you are struggling to see these areas you might be blind which will require you to get someone else to see these areas in your life.  Oh and by the way it will not take long for them to see because they are already seeing your weakness.  Once this is recognized you can–
  2. Seek out others who are strong in the area of your weakness.  You cannot get strong on your own.  The reason for this is the fact that you naturally revert back to your strengths.  When this occurs you never really give yourself an opportunity to build up your area of weakness.  Having people there that will help you to address this weakness will provide opportunities for you to work on it.  Example–I am not a very organized person but when someone who is organized needs this from me it forces me to work on it.  Because I am greatly concerned about others I am forced to deal with this weakness in me, which will allow for the success of others.
  3. Your weakness is an opportunity to receive grace.  When we are weak then we can be strong in Christ.  Our weaknesses are there that we might lean more to Christ.  The more that I desire to do the will of God the more I realize how weak I am and in that weakness I am able to be strong but not through my strength but the strength of Christ becomes a part of me. “And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.” 2 Corinthians 12:9



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