Man created to be powerful


And they were all amazed at the mighty power of God.  Luke 9:43

I have often times been amazed as I watch the World’s Strongest Man competitions.  The amount of pure power those men exhibit is simply mind-blowing.  Strength and power are always impressive and often inspire others to attempt to perform such great feats as well.

While Jesus walked during His earthly ministry He performed and accomplished many miracles.  In Luke 9, Christ had just come down from the mount where He was transfigured before Peter, James and John (Luke 9:28-36).  Upon returning to the other disciples he is confronted with a man whose son is possessed with a demonic spirit.  The disciples while He was away attempted to cast this demon out but were unsuccessful. Jesus on the other hand demonstrated at that moment great power and rebuked the devil and the devil left the child.

Our verse for the day reveals that the people were amazed at the mighty power of God.  As we said earlier one who demonstrates true power has the ability to cause others to be in awe.  Christ demonstrated power so that all would know who He was.  Christ as he ascended into heaven blessed us with great power as well.  He promised that as the Holy Spirit would come upon we would have power.  Power to accomplish greater things than even He had accomplished.

Today you ought to focus on the fact that you have been empowered by God to do great things.  The accomplishment of these great things will give you the opportunity to reveal Him to all people.  Today you will be challenge to remain holy. You will be challenged to do the right thing or to work hard when others are not.  If you will do the tough thing (the right thing) you will experience and demonstrate the power that is available for you.

It has been said, “In order to build strength you have to lift those things that require strength.”  Remember you have power from God.  You can do and in doing others will be amazed at the mighty power of God.

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