I ate the bones

There is a popular fast food chain that is using comedic panic and comedic stress to introduce a new product to their menu.  The commercial reveals people freaking out because they think they have eaten not only the chicken breast meat but the bones as well.  It is a really funny scenario for sure. Unknown

As I watched this commercial last night I realized that there are many people who struggle with what I am now coining as “I ate the bones syndrome”.  This syndrome is not as comical as what the commercial depicts but is rather quite debilitating.  This syndrome is one where a person stresses and panics over something that is just not there.  In the commercial the men did not really eat the bones (spoiler alert, sorry) but rather the meat was boneless. In life many people struggle with pressures and stresses that just do not exist.  Oh, I know the they seem real but the truth is that they are more perception than reality.  Please understand there may be situations that need to be solved but often times we panic over things that just are not there.

We are encouraged in the Scripture to not worry or stress but to pray about all things (Philippians 4:6). If we can allow ourselves to follow this and pray about the situation we will find the solution for the situation.  Prayer affords us the opportunity to not only release all of our cares to the Lord but it gives us the opportunity to see the situation in the proper light.  I believe that any person who chooses to pray over a situation as opposed to stressing will find  peace that brings clarity and reveals that the “bones” where not really eaten.

Three quick steps to peace in a moment of panic or stress–

  1. Step back to see the whole situation. We need to consider all things before we act.
  2. Step away from the panic of the moment.  We need to understand that panic leads to bad choices.
  3. Step up to the source of grace.  We need seek God at His throne of grace for the help we need. (Hebrews 4:16)

3 thoughts on “I ate the bones

  1. Need this so much in my life right now. I panicked just today and then I thought “I can do this. It will be hard, but I can do it (with God’s help of course)”. Thanks for the gentle reminder to always be in prayer, preferably before the freak out! Funny you should use “chicken” to illustrate this. This will be my trigger – like when I feel chicken to start something new, chicken to dive into something that seems to big for me (the trick is to divide it up into small parts – learned that this week too), chicken to learn something new, chicken to discuss things that are easier swept under the rug, chicken to share even when I feel it’s the right thing to do . . . I could go on and on. Thank again!

  2. We can have only the meat (no bones) when we stay close to Jesus! You might even be surprised that there might be some smashed potatoes and gravy! God wants us to have a full meal as he feeds us in His Word.

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