A Thought about Our ministy

Sixteen years in full-time ministry, what an incredible journey it has been.  I am amazed where God has brought me and Lizzy.  As two eager to serve young kids newly married and moving 1000 miles away from family I am not sure we could have guessed where we would be today. Today though I praise God we are where we are! Our ministry has always been to serve God’s people.  We love His Church!  It has never mattered to us what the position is only that we were able to serve.  We are approaching our five-year anniversary here at Skyway Community Chapel in Palmetto, FL. and could not be any more thrilled to be here than the day we were called. Our desire is still the same to build up people, God’s people;to make an impact in our community.

It seems each ministry of which we have been a part included being agents of change.  Whether they were announced as needed changes or just changes that God revealed along the way.  It has been difficult but always rewarding.  It has been tiring but always renewing.  It seems as though God has given us an almost peaceful love for change.  The change we have sought after has always been about seeing God’s people renewed and excited to serve Him.  It has been about helping those who once loved to serve God to find that passion once again.  It has been about doing all that we can to motivate people to share the Gospel with those in need.  We love our calling.

We are moving into a new phase of our ministry–we are no longer the new kids on the block.  We are now, as my wife phrased it the familiar face.  Kind of scary–the newness has worn off.  Yet we are so excited because of the constant opportunity for ministry within SCC and the Palmetto community.  We are so looking forward to see what God does with us and the others who He has placed in our lives.  What a blessing to be moving not to a new church but rather to be moving to a new phase in our current church.

We are excited to see God working through the relationships He has given to us.  For years I have prayed for men to be in my ministry that are hungry for God, I can say that I am blessed to have such young men in my life today.  Lizzy has always desired to be have deep relationships with the women of the church and her faithfulness to that desire is revealed in the fruit of her labors.  We are looking forward to people God will bring into our life that will challenge us, mold us, and help us to fulfill the call that God has placed upon us. What an exciting time that lies ahead of us.

Our greatest desire is to see people move into a relationship with Christ.  To see those people become fully committed followers of Christ.  While others are running away, we want to be faithfully running after the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.  We know we are not perfect as Pastor and pastor’s wife but we are willing to be used by God.  We desire to be obedient to His call.  We are comforted by the promise of His Word that if we are willing and obedient we shall eat of the good of the land (Isaiah 1:19).  We truly cannot wait to see what the upcoming years at Skyway Community Chapel have in store for us.

To all those who have been a blessing to our family through out the years, we thank God for you.  To the churches who allowed us to serve for a time, we praise God for you and pray his blessing upon you.  We pray for each of you and hope to see God’s greatest favor and blessing upon you.

Intentionally Serving Christ

Pastor Jason and Lizzy

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