Living Beyond…A Life that Rejects Mediocrity

A Life of Excellence 2 Corinthians 4:1-11 Mediocrity...of only ordinary or moderate quality; neither good or bad; barely adequate Christ did not die on the cross simple to give us life!  He died that we could have a life that overflows.  In the overflowing life that He gave to us mediocrity cannot be allowed to … Continue reading Living Beyond…A Life that Rejects Mediocrity

A Thought about Our ministy

Sixteen years in full-time ministry, what an incredible journey it has been.  I am amazed where God has brought me and Lizzy.  As two eager to serve young kids newly married and moving 1000 miles away from family I am not sure we could have guessed where we would be today. Today though I praise … Continue reading A Thought about Our ministy