Living Beyond…A Life that Rejects Mediocrity

A Life of Excellence

2 Corinthians 4:1-11

Mediocrity…of only ordinary or moderate quality; neither good or bad; barely adequate

Christ did not die on the cross simple to give us life!  He died that we could have a life that overflows.  In the overflowing life that He gave to us mediocrity cannot be allowed to exist.  Mediocrity is the enemy all of things Christ has called us to carry out, therefore we must reject mediocrity with great passion and choose to live a life of excellence.

Rejecting mediocrity is accomplished by realizing you are called to a life (ministry) of excellence.  The Apostle Paul in His letter to the Church at Corinth reveals that an excellent life rejects all that is deceitful or wicked and embraces living a life that manifest the Gospel of Christ. Living a life of excellence is not about you, it is about Christ.

What Makes You Excellent?

Christ gives your life have value when He enters into your life.  The Apostle Paul said it this way, “But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.” (2 Corinthians 4:7).  The treasure is Christ, and Christ living in us sets us in place to live a life of excellence.

Hindrances to Excellence.

You like many others may have met many hindrances to living a life of excellence.  Usually the things that hinder are life problems. These problems keep you from finishing your “to-do list” or the keep you from achieving your goals. Others might think you are lazy or just not motivated but you know they are real problems.

Paul shares with the Corinthians that he also faced problems that attempted to hinder his life of excellence.  He told them that everywhere he turned there where problems that he did not understand, he shared how he was persecuted and cast down for his following the Lord. Yet the Apostle revealed to live excellently one must not allow the troubles to distress them, or the perplexing things of life to bring despair. He also revealed that though there is persecution you are not forsaken and though you have been cast down if in Christ you cannot be destroyed.

What’s the Point

Believe it or not all these apparent hindrances have a far greater purpose than to simply keep you down.  Yes they are attempts to keep you down but for the one who is living in Christ the bring about excellent living.  Each attempt marks you not with signs of defeat but with the signs of the death of Christ.  Each attempt that fails to destroy you reveals His life in you.  The signs of His death and life in cause others to see an excellent life.

Rejecting Mediocrity

There are two very important steps in rejecting mediocrity. Each step has two parts, the first is to become empty and clean and the second is to become filled and marked.

No vessel that is dirty and or filled with mediocrity can ever can excellence. In order to live out excellence you need to empty yourself of self-pursuits. Being driven by self-pursuits you will never accomplish anything more than that which is humanly possible. A life of excellence strives to live beyond human standards to the standards of Christ.  To meet this level of excellence self-pursuits should be emptied from your life.

Empty is good but empty does not mean clean. The second part of the first step is to become clean. Where you empty yourself of self-pursuits you must cleanse your self-stains.

Self-stains are active sins in your life and they are the greatest detriment to excellent living. If you have accepted Christ as Savior all your sins are washed away.  However, if you continue in the sins from which you have been forgiven you are keeping yourself away from living the excellent life you were created to live.  God is faithful and just to forgive and cleanse you from these if you are willing to confess them to Him.  Cleansed from these self-stains mediocrity cannot hold you.

The Second step part one is about being filled with the Spirit of Christ. Once emptied and cleaned the vessel is ready to be filled.  Excellent living takes place as a vessel is being filled with a treasure and the treasure being Jesus Christ.  Being filled with His Spirit is about living in Him and surrendered to Him.  This makes for a life that is so different from what you are seeing lived out in front of you today.

It is different because you move to the second part of step two that is you become marked by the Gospel. A life that is revealing the good news of Christ through every aspect of your day and night.  You have a new reason for all that you do and that reason is to show the glory and power of God.

Living Excellent

Living excellent, simply put, is to allow the treasure that is placed within you to be seen by all.  Allow Christ to be seen and you will live an excellent life.

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