Making The Success of Others A Priority (3 acts for their success)

I need help…

I need someone believing in me…

I need someone interested in my success…

but that matters little if I am not one who helps others, who believes in them, or who is interested in their success!

3 acts that can help others become a success

1.  Recognize how God is using them.

  • Give them real reasons about how God is using them.
  • Don’t blow smoke at them…this only frustrates their success
  • What gift or talents do you see? Give them ways to use their talents and ways to develop what you are seeing in them.

2.  Encourage them in their strengths.

  • This is about relationship–because when it comes to success relationship matters the most.
  • To support someone in their success you need to support them in their weaknesses.

3.  Allow them to pass you by.

  • To truly help someone succeed  be willing to allow that person to pass you.  If they move by you in position that is okay. In fact, this determines whether you are seriously interested in their success and development.
  • Remember that promotion comes from the Lord.  He will grant success to those in whom He can trust with it.

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