“It” Doesn’t Happen Alone

I have always felt as though I have something great to do. Like there is a serious call upon my life to do something of value.  More than just for the moment, something that makes an eternal difference.

Up to this point in my life I pastor a small church, not many people know who I am, and I do not have what would be described as major accomplishments.

Yet that does not discourage me. Let me explain

I am learning that who I am is not defined by the size of my church, or by the amount of people who know of me.  I understand that my accomplishment need only be what God has set for me to do.

I am also learning that the “great” I want to do in life does not happen alone.  I need others to walk this journey with me.  I am so grateful that God is teaching me, telling me not to walk alone.

I thank God this morning for the people whom He has brought into my life to help to do the great things. IMG_0501

  • My wife, Lizzy, she is my greatest support and advocate. Never has there been a day where she does not see me as her “superman”.  On Saturday (July 19) we will celebrate 17 years of marriage.  In my pursuits she has always been there.  I praise God for her.
  • My parents, Marvin and Carol, gave me all that they had to give.  They made sure that I never lacked any need and they often gave to my wants.  They taught me what selflessness is, what it is to serve others first, what it is to love God, and what it is to pastor a church.
  • My brother, Joe, for being my best friend.  I can be me without him ever judging. He has always been, not just my brother, but my friend.
  • Jon Groves for being real friend and being iron for me to sharpen my self against. He brings laughter and joy into my heart.  He allows me to be transparent and I praise God for the ability him.
  • My Vision Team–Rusty, Peggy, Jimmy, Mary, Tahree, Angela, Bill N, Bill W, Pat. I praise God that they are a willing support and have endeavored to journey with me.
  • Bethany Jett, for encouraging to write, editing my book (which is still in process) and introducing me to many great people in the writing and publishing world.
  • Brian Yost of City Commit Sarasota for sharing a vision for men and inspiring me to continue in my call to reach men.

“It” does not happen alone.  Who are the people in your life that will help you to do great things?  If you do not have a team, draft one.  Put people in your life to help you.


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