Bad Actions and Being Jesus

I am finding myself becoming an emotional blogger. It seems that I want to write when emotions are flowing. Maybe it is at this point that I am being prompted by the Spirit to write.

The last couple of nights my spirit has been uneasy because of the decisions I see people making.  The decisions are very much harmful to themselves and to others, yet they cannot see this as the case.

As I sit here in quietness and hurt for them, I realize something so important.  I do have a right in being upset over the decisions and actions that are taking place, but only if I am able to see what is really taking place.

So what do I see?

I see a great and merciful God speaking to me.

He so loudly through the wrong actions of others spoke conviction into my heart.  Revealing to me a greater need to show Him to others through my life.  In doing so, I am Christ to them; being Christ means sacrificing my life so that others can come to the saving knowledge of Christ.

You know that old saying, “You might be the only Jesus others will see”, I do not like it. I would rather ask this question, “Are you willing to be like Jesus and sacrifice your life, your agenda, and your goals to bring salvation to others?”

I am learning–unless I am willing, no one will ever see Jesus in me. If He is not seen there is no salvation.

I think the having this desire will help me with the struggles and temptations of my day.  I think He is giving me a great focal point. He is revealing HIMSELF to me.

Just a quick thought….

…………………………………Where has Christ placed you so that you can show Him.

One thought on “Bad Actions and Being Jesus

  1. So many people think that what they do will not have an effect on others. This reminds me of Christians who after being born again continue to tattoo themselves and display them at church as a badge of honor. Let us teach our children to put the Word of God in our hearts not our bodies!

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