Truthful–the only thing God can be



That by two immutable things, in which [it was] impossible for God to lie, we might have

a strong consolation, who have fled for refuge

to lay hold upon the hope set before us.

Hebrews 6:18


I was speaking to a man the other day about trust and those things that are uncertain. My response to his uncertainty was that having faith was about taking his own uncertainty and placing it in that which is certain.  The truth is that we have a God who is truthful. What He says about Himself is true.  According to Scripture it is impossible for God to lie. His very nature and character are truthful.

Seeing this attribute of God you get a glimpse of who you ought to be, that is a truthful man.  Your ability to impact others is largely wrapped up in how truthful of a man you are.  Everything from your word to your actions must reveal truthfulness.

In our culture, the Christian is many times seen as fake, saying and preaching one thing while living another.  You should understand the great responsibility to live a life that is truthful.  A life lived being truthful is a life that builds a foundation for others to put their trust in God.  Many will struggle with the concept of God being real or what it means to put their trust in God.  When your life declares who He is based on who you are, you reveal Him.

You will be tempted to keep certain aspects of your life hidden.  You will also be tempted to tell “white lies”.  The temptations, if given in to will eventually destroy who you are as a man.  Some believe that it is not a lie unless you tell something that is directly opposed to the truth.  A lie is a lie even if 99% of truth is given and 1% is omitted.  That one percent makes the other 99% invalid.  Your life must be a truthful life 100% or you run the risk of invalidating all your efforts.  Strive, with all diligence to be a man today that is truthful.

2 thoughts on “Truthful–the only thing God can be

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  2. If we are to have peace,foremost let us not lie to ourselves. We deserve the truth more than anyone else! Thank you Jesus when you remind me that being truthful is always the best policy.

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